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3D Buggy Racing
A 3D car racing game

I Love Traffic
Control the signals and manage the traffic

Extreme Rally
Car racing championship

Curve Ball
A 3D pong game

Animal Migration
Place the animals in their right environment

Sniper Hunter 2
Find them and shoot them down.

Shadow Game
Move your through shadow and light.

Robot Adventure
Help robot to rescue his Gold Gear

Bloons Supermonkey
Control Super Monkey as he embarks on a Bloon popping frenzy

Nano Ninja
Help the nano Ninja cross the levels

Collect exactly 42 stars and pass levels

Final Ninja
Help the final ninja defeat his enemies.

Shopping Cart Hero 2
Jump and land as far as you can

Top down aerial dog fighting game

Mouse and cheese
Help the mouse move the cheese to the holes

Pop as many bloons as you can

Hamsters Flight
Help the hamster fly

Helicopter Game
Fly the helicopter through the tunnel

Flower Flyer
Take the flowers to the exit to clear levels.

Overkill Apache
Shoot down your enemies with your Helicopter.

Magic Split
Create walls and capture the magic balls.

Puzzle game of dices

Save Fiona
Help Fiona the fish swim through dangerous water

Open Doors 2
Find the path through the maze