Traffic Blitz – a traffic control strategy game

Cars are coming from all directions to the crossing. you have to control the traffic by clicking on the cars to stop them. Simple yet very addictive game. Also you earn money and you can upgrade with the money. You have to go to build mode and start putting things like barricade etc.


Use left mouse click to stom cars. Click again to let the cars zip through the road.
“S” – Open up the shop to purchase tools and upgrades
1 – Hold down to start placing Oil Slicks, release to place
2 – Hold down to start placing Land Mines, release to place
3 – Hold down to start placing Teleporters, release to place
4 – Hold down to start placing Barricades, release to place
*Click the black hammer in the bottom-left to toggle build mode
*Items can also be dragged and dropped out of your toolbox

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